The Power of Brows

Ever heard the quote, “Eyes are the window to the soul.”?
They are our most intriguing feature, and just like a work of art, they need to be showcased. Your eye brows play an essential role in accomplishing this. Think of them as the frame work that displays your eye’s beauty. Shaped correctly, they will support and enhance the eyes brilliance.
Brow shape, length, color, and thickness all affect the form of your eyes. They have the power to widen, compress, lift, and  lower them. Therefore, creating the perfect brow plays a crucial role in optimizing your eyes.
Observe the diagram below; all points of origin start at the outer edge of the nose. You can use your brush or eye pencil to align each point.

Point A guides you to where your brow should start. This ensures your eyes will not be too far offset, which would result in widening your eyes.
Point B should come from your nose to the outer edge of your pupil or iris. This determines where the highest point of your arch should be and aids in giving your eyes a lift. You can mark this spot on the top side of your brow.
Point C will mark where the tail of your brow should end, finishing off the arch of your brow and opening your eye fully.
Point D shows the balance between the start and end of your brow. If one is higher than the other it could give you the look of a scowl or surprise, neither of which is our most flattering expression.


Now that you understand the outline of the brow and how it affects character of your eye, there are several ways to help optimize their appearance. Waxing, tweezing, or threading are great ways to get a start on the shape of the brow and remove excess hair. If you choose to do any of these yourself, be sure to outline your brow using the diagram above before you start. Once you’ve achieved the silhouette of your brow, you can boost the structure by coloring in absent areas. This can be done with actual dye or by using makeup powders or pencils. Again, follow the diagram above to give you the best results.


Take a look at this before and after picture displaying the impact great brows have on your eyes. See how the shape and color help brighten the eye, drawing awareness to the “windows of your soul”? Such a simple step in your beauty regimen will draw the attention your eyes deserve.

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