3D Fiber Lashes

3D Fiber Lashes!!
Ladies, the wait is over! The fiber lashes are finally in.

Have you ever wanted thicker, fuller, and longer lashes? Now we all know there are a few different ways to get that look, you can go out and purchase some to glue on yourself, which is not always an easy task. You can go in and get fake ones put on, for a heavy cost every 2 weeks, or you can use fiber lashes! In just a few easy steps you can achieve the look of false lashes!

The steps are very easy; first apply regular mascara as normal. Then inside of your Fiber lash set you will have 2 tubes. One will be a mascara gel, the other, your fabulous fibers. For the best results do one eye at a time. You will apply the gel just as you did with your mascara and then quickly apply the fibers just as you normal do with mascara. You want to make sure that the gel is still wet so the fibers can stick. To finish it off just use a little more gel to set the fibers. You can repeat the steps for even longer lashes!

This is a MUST have set for every women and at $30 they are soooo affordable.

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