4 Important blow dryer tips.

Monthly Beauty Tip…..4 important blow dryer tips!
1. Blow dry your hair 80% dry before using a styling brush. If your hair is too wet when you start using your styling brush you could be stretching your hair and reducing elasticity which will result in unwanted breakage.
2. Blow dry your hair downward. You want to have your blow dryer nozzle facing toward the floor so that you smooth the cuticle layer of your hair giving it natural shine. Blowing it upward will rough the cuticle making your hair look frizzy.
3. Clean out your dryer vent. Your dryer vent gets clogged with dust hair and product. Make sure you clean it weekly so that it stays clear and allows air flow. When the vent is clogged it will cause the dryer to run hot and damage your hair. I have seen this happen, the hair is not repairable and will need to be cut off. So take the extra minute and clean the vent.
4. Replace your dryer every 5 years. Especially if your are using your dryer daily. These small motors can wear over the years. Make sure all of the options on your dryer are all working, even if your don’t use them. If only some of the buttons are working that means your dryer is not working properly and can over heat and damage your hair.

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