7 Things to Make Your Salon Visit Perfect

1. Come Clean
If you don’t come in with perfectly fresh, clean hair, it’s okay, but having a ton of product build-up can cause your color to go on unevenly. Also you shouldn’t scrub your scalp before a color service because it can make your skin more sensitive to the color. Another thing to consider is the top you are wearing, high collar bulky shirts make it difficult to shampoo, color, and cut your hair evenly.

2. Be Patient
When undergoing a major color change, have realistic expectations of what can be achieved in a single appointment. Don’t expect to go from black to platinum blonde in one day. It’s best to do it gradually to maintain the integrity of your hair. Ask your stylist what is realistic to achieve in one day. If you realize the process is going to take longer than the time you allotted, reschedule your appointment when you have the time.

3. Be Honest
It’s critical that you tell us what your hair’s history is, whether it was a gloss, toner, straightener, box color, and how long ago each treatment was. Also chatting with your stylist about budget and upkeep. Certain colors and cuts require more trips to the salon so it’s important to be well informed.

4. Keep an Open Mind
It’s always good to come to your appointment with an idea, but be open to expert advice as well. What you have in mind may not be the best choice for your skin tone, face shape, eye color, or other features, so be flexible and talk with your stylist to ensure you get the best cut or color specifically for you.
5. Bring Visuals
Pictures are the easiest way to communicate what you like and don’t like. Bring in several examples from different angles and in different lighting. Make sure to point out what part of the picture you like best.

6. Timing is Everything
If you are a new client, want a major change, or need a lot of work done to your hair, consider booking appointments earlier in the day or in the middle of the week. They’re easier to get and your stylist will have more time and energy to devote to you. Also make sure you a lot yourself enough time in your schedule. Many current color services require extra time and steps. Not sure what you need or how long it will take? Call your stylist ahead of time or go in for a consultation beforehand so you can explain what you’re thinking and they can be sure to block out the right amount of time.

7. Take Better Care of Your Color
Using good quality color-safe products really does make a difference. Products that aren’t specially formulated for color-treated hair, can strip the color out, taking away the shine and richness, making you feel that you need your color redone sooner.

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