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The 411 on head lice and how to prevent it.

       1. Lice cannot be killed by soap and water. Personal hygiene has nothing to do with contracting head lice. Lice actually prefer clean fine hair. Ladibugs does make a great prevention kit to help ward off possible exposure. This is a great option if you are in a field working with direct contact to people exposed. Nursing homes and schools are common places that lice is spread. This is safe to use on young children and color treated hair.
2. Lice do not jump. So the only way you can contract it is through direct contact with someone that has it. So keep in mind that you should not share brushes, combs, hats, scarves, etc.
3. Lice can live in short hair. So everyone is susceptible. The only reason we see it more in females is due to the long hair which is more likely to come in  direct contact with an infected person.
4. Signs of lice is an itchy scalp (I know you are itching now just reading this. I am itching while writing it.), small sores on scalp caused by all the itching, and sleepless night cause lice are nocturnal and therefore are most active at night.
5. Live ice look like a small sesame seed or grain of rice with a small black head. They need the scalp to feed so you can find them at the scalp along with their eggs/nits about 1/4″ from scalp attached to the hair strands. You can tell the difference from eggs and dandruff by sliding your finger along the hair strand. The eggs will stay connected to the strand unlike dandruff that will easily slide off.
6. There are several options for treatment. We sell and endorse Landibugs Elimination kit as a safer alternative to some of the more harsh chemicals. Live lice take 24 hours to die after treatment. They can only live for 48 hours without a host. So most of your home and belongings can be treated by not using those exposed areas/items for that time. If they are articles that you need to use there are a couple of options. High heat kills lice. So you could put pillows and coats into a dryer set on high heat for 40 minutes. You can also boil brushes and combs for 20 minutes. Another option is freezing for 12 hours. Treating your home can seem like an overwhelming chore follow the link below for a complete check list or to learn more go to:

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