Monthly Beauty Tip……….. “Baby it’s cold outside!”

Avoid hat hair! It’s time to bundle up when you step outside. Here are some great tips that won’t sacrifice your “do”.

1. Use an oil in your hair before and after you blow dry. This will help keep your hair hydrated and avoid static.

2. Dry your hair completely. If your hair is at all damp when you put your hat on it will finish drying in the shape of the hat. Not usually an attractive look so be extra thorough in drying.

3. Before you put your hat on switch your part. When you remove your cap you can flip it back and still have the volume you love.

4. Tie it in a loose pony. This will help reduce the ring the hat can sometimes leave from bundling up with scarves and high collar coats.                                                                                                                                                                               

5. Loose waves are great way to decoy any possible lumps the hat may leave behind. Give your hair a good shake after removing your hat and the wave should bounce into place.

6. Spray the inside of your hat with *static guard or wipe the inside with a bounce sheet. This will also prevent static. *If using the spray make sure it has completely dried before placing it on your head.

Stay warm and beautiful this winter.

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