Fall Trends

Fall Fashion Trends 
We hate to see summer come to an end but we do love to get excited about upcoming fall trends. Looks we can cuddle up and get cozy with. Colors that warm our hearts, scarves that wrap us up with affection, boots that cradle our toes, and hair that is fiery and flowing. What’s not to love?
Fall 2016 is going to be all about statement. Not an all over, shout it from every inch of your body, but a more deliberate whispered kind of announcement. Adoring one piece that tells everyone who you are that day. What this means is your wardrobe investment should be in shades of blacks & whites that air a feminine edge. Accessorizing with hues of nude, gold, green, more green, and any shade of green. (Yes you guessed it, green is the “it” color this fall.) These colored accessories can be in the form of fringed foot wear, studded belts or purses, anything laced up, or bold watches and rings. Depending on your chosen accessory, this could be made into your statement piece. Because most of the clothing pieces are solid in color. A print could be your way of speaking your mind. Prints are mostly featured in florals, plaids, and Aztec this season. But if a print is your way of making a statement, then the boldest one is your outerwear. Topping off your solid attire with a Leopard print coat, trench, or wrap will keep you purring.
There are a ton of ways to make a statement with your look. Your makeup for example. This season it will be done very simple so that the lips can be dramatic and bold. In order to pull off this simple yet daring look without getting washed out all you have to do is define your brows so they frame your eyes, line your eyes with thin black liner or wear false lashes, and contour your checks with a bit of bronzer. These audacious lips can be any color. Dark, bright, or dusty. The key will be to define them first with lip liner to ensure that intentional message will be received.
As the ombre hair color trend is starting to fade into the past, make your hair into your focal point with very deliberate high contrasting dimension. I’m not talking zebra strips; more to the tune of 3 to 4 different shades working together rather than blending together. Warming your color up with coffee house colors of Chai, Caramel, Chocolate, and Cinnamon will delight not only your senses, but your fall skin tone as well.
The fad of vibrant colors in the hair is still ramping up as we all get braver. The difference this season is that instead of a full head of blue or pink, the trend is pulled off with just pieces or sections of that wild color you love so much. These colors can be worn in a very tasteful manner while still showing off your bold attitude at the same time.
Another mentionable trend is themed dressing. What this means is going head to toe 90’s with high waisted jeans, full volume wavy hair, large earrings, thick eyebrows, and belted blazers. Maybe you don’t want to be a part of bringing back the “tight roll”, so choose another theme. A simple Nautical theme with boat shoes, striped long sleeve crew necks, red or navy pants, silk scarf, and white sunglasses just might fit your personality or mood that day. How about the athletic gamer sporting fitted leggings with cut outs, zip ups with asymmetrical zippers, sports bras with lots of straps or lace up the back, and bright or printed runners to tie it all together. The military theme is also an option. It has mostly to do with your jacket and combat style boots. The boots are always worn in black and lace up the front and your jacket is olive green hip length with a pull cord waist, lots of outer pockets and the ability to roll up the sleeves. 
Whatever statement, announcement, or message you want to send this season, make sure to have fun with it and make it memorable. With all the different possibilities and options, there are sure to be some amazing looks. Can’t wait to see yours!

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