Finding Your Relaxing Place

Where do you go when you’re uptight?  Upset? Angry? Sad? Sick?  Do you have a place that can help you to relax and feel better?  Some people like to travel to a physical place and they immediately feel better.   But what do you do if you can’t get away?  How do you find that relaxing place?  Especially if you need it right now?

Many of us overlook the opportunity to create such a place that is near enough to where we live or work.  Some of us have to schedule a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation because your favorite place is so distant.  These are all great sources of relaxation, but you might want to create a personal relaxing space in your home or near where you work so that you can easily reach it when the pressures of life become overwhelming.

 By creating such a space, you can go there when you need to unwind and you’ll know you won’t be interrupted.  Learning to relax, or even meditate on a regular basis has verified health benefits.  Stress hurts us.  It makes us edgy and unpleasant.  It also hurts on the inside.  Our arteries harden, our blood pressure goes up, and our blood sugars are out of control.

 What helps is when you can go to your own quiet spot, and think about everything, and figure out how to calm down, how to stop thinking about the things that are making you upset.

 At home I have a picture, a painting of a place I’d like to visit some day.  When I need to relax, I sit in front of that picture and just stare at it, absorbing the details of it, and mentally take myself there.  When I’m at work, I leave and go to a bookstore nearby where I look at a magazine filled with photos of beautiful scenery and I do the same thing.  When I do this for five or ten minutes, I’m usually ready to go back and face the world.

 Find that place, go to it, and relax.

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