Get Your Life in Shape

We all agree that most days we look in the mirror and think, “Wow, I’m really out of shape! I’m going to exercise tomorrow!” and yet, we never do get out and exercise. We always make up excuses for ourselves NOT to.

 We might convince ourselves that we are too tired. We have too much housework. We have to cook for dinner. We have to do our hair. We can’t get sweaty or else we will feel uncomfortable the rest of the day, when REALLY we have time to go for a short walk, a quick bike ride, a little jog around the neighborhood, a swim in the pool, a few light crunches, a few weights, or maybe dance like a crazy person around your house!

The truth is, everyone has time to exercise, or do a few little things that are good for our bodies, and it’s always best to exercise in the morning, get your blood pumping, get your energy up, to wake up,  and it will be a better way to start your day.

You will feel better when you exercise in the mornings too! Doing a little bit ever morning will help you to feel better about yourself as well.

Just remember, you will only see yourself the way you feel. If you feel like a bag of old potatoes, you’re going to look just like that, but if you feel energetic, happy, light, pumped even, then you are going to see yourself in a better light!

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