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Tips for getting your best sleep:

1. Get on to a regular schedule. Go to bed every night at the same time and get up every morning at the same time.

2. Exercise no more than 3 hours before your bed time. Exercise increases the body’s natural endorphins which can rev up your adrenaline. Keep track.

3. Have a snack. Eat a low glycemic snack about 30 minutes before bedtime to avoid night hunger. Also avoid caffeine and sugars in the evening.

4. Make a to-do list. This will help you let go of things that can keep your brain up at night.

5. Create a sleep environment. Block off excess light, listen to soothing sounds find your ideal room temperature and aromatherapy in lotions and detergents.

6. Avoid naps during the day.

7. Track your sleep. If you had a bad nights sleep make note in the morning what the issue was… restlessness, over thinking things, up set stomach, etc. See if you can link any of your issues with something you are doing before sleep. There are great apps out there to track your sleep for you give one a try.


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