Great Hair at Any Age!

Great hair at any age!

In your 20’s don’t be afraid to take a chance. After adolescence, hair hits its peak thickness, strength, and growth rate. With this in mind it’s a great time to experiment with color and cuts. You can choose extreme colors and short cuts. The skies are the limit, but keep in mind any drastic color change should be left to a professional. Extreme doesn’t have to equal disaster. Also crash diets deprive hair of vital nutrients, which can make the hair dry and brittle. This is something to keep in mind at any age.
In you 30’s keep hair strong to slow the signs of aging. There is not a lot of change in hair from your 20’s but any drastic change like hair loss should be discussed with a doctor. A slight decline in sebum production can cause hair to loose vibrancy. Over styling without heat protectants, such as Thermal Setting Mist, or using harsh shampoos can strip the hair of its natural oils and increase the problem. Juggling career and home life can be a challenge, so a versatile style that is easy to do is what you should look for. Also a low maintenance color may be what you need. A couture color will keep you from looking frazzled and aged. Restore your hair with Olaplex Treatments to restore the protein and moisture your hair is starting to lack.
In your 40’s layers are what you need to camouflage aging. Your hair diameter begins shrinking, resulting in thinner strands. You’ll first notice change around your hairline. Declining melanin levels lead to gray hairs. These have a wiry texture that reflect less light and leave your hair dull. The good news is color can help. Not only can you cover gray and bring back warmth but it will also thicken up your strands. Stay away from heavy streaks and graphic cuts. You don’t want to look too harsh. You want to soften lines. By adding layers it brings texture to the hair as appose to straight lines that will bring focus to wrinkles. Keep you hair warm and receive Olaplex Treatments with every hair cut. This will keep the hair smooth and shiny.
In your 50’s keep a little length to subtract years. Your hair is getting thinner and grayer. This is the time to avoid all shape lines and ash tones. Think soft waves, warm caramel, butterscotch, and chocolates. Sounds yummy right? You still can be. Keep your hair layered especially around the face. Use volumizers to create fullness that can also soften lines. Keep your hair a lighter shade to give more light reflection. Treatments should be part of your regular routine and at home hair treatments are a must.

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