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Recently some health gurus have suggested that Americans might be shampooing far too frequently for their best health benefit. Do you shampoo daily? We know many people that do. But when reading these studies, we began to wonder, is it necessary to shampoo every single day? When looking for an answer, let’s go to the beginning. Keep in mind, every scalp and head of hair is unique.
Ask the question: Why shampoo at all? The whole point of shampooing is to clean both our hair and our scalp. Is everyone the same? Probably not. If you were to go on a week-long hiking trip with no facilities, what’s your biggest concern? Lack of daily bathing opportunities for one. When you come out of the woods, what will your hair look like? For thin and fine hair people they would probably want to bring bandanas, hats, and elastic ties to keep it under control, but they would need a shower and several shampoo sessions before all the oil and dirt of the trail would be eradicated. For the people with full and thick hair who can go many days without having a greased look they could walk out and looked good enough for a photo shoot. What’s the difference?
Everyday, our skin sheds cells, this includes our scalp. It also produces oil. Just wipe your face at the end of the day with a tissue and you’ll see what I mean. All those skin cells, the drops of oil and sweat produced sit waiting on our scalp for removal. The longer they stay there, the more dirt and detritus are attracted. At some point you must wash all that away for your hair to be allowed to lift off the scalp and not look lank, oily, and dirty.
We’ve talked about the use of dry shampoos, and they are great for a quick fix, but they do NOT wash away the dirt and oil. They simply absorb oil, giving your hair a bit of lift for a few days making it easier to not shampoo. To do the best job of CLEANING both hair and scalp, you MUST use shampoo and water.
To answer the question, how often should you shampoo? For the fine/thin hair, every other day is okay, using dry shampoo to get through the second day if needed. For the thick/full hair they can go several days and still look amazing, but even they might like a little dry shampoo for the extra lift!

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