Kick Those Winter Blues!

It is that time of year! Holiday bills are high, the temps outside are low. The days are short, and vitamin D is lacking. This is when it starts, that full pot of coffee, seems to be the only thing that will pull you out of bed….. You are not alone. Here are some ways to lift your back up!

1) Make your environment Brighter!

This is the time of year where your body is craving more daylight. Going to the tanning bed, or a light box everyday can be as effective as antidepressants! You can even put an artificial sunlight in your house and sit next to that for 30 minutes per day! Don’t forget that even just opening your blinds and curtains can let in enough sun light to brighten your spirits up!

2) Eat Smarter

Certain foods can enhance your mood and relieve some anxiety, Chocolate is a number one help on this! Eating chocolate releases endorphins into the brain, endorphins are known to decrease pain and anxiety and boost your happiness! Other candies and carbs can be a quick fix but ultimately increase depression and anxiety, try not to go for a quick fix.

3) Salt lamp or Dawn Simulator

People with Seasonal Effective Disorder tend to feel depressed, irritable, lethargic, and have trouble waking up in the morning, especially because it is still dark out. A Dawn Simulator is a device that gradually brightens a room over a set period of time and can servie as an antidepressant for people with SAD, it also helps getting out of bed easier. A salt lamp helps re-energize and makes falling asleep easier and getting a more restful sleep. Together, they might be the perfect combination for you!

Professionals say that working out of 35 minutes a day for 5 days a week or 60 minutes for 3 days a week will improve symptoms of mild and moderate depression, Working out under the bright lights makes the benefits even stronger!

5)Turn on happy, cheery, or upbeat music

Having good tunes on, that are happy and upbeat improve mood both long and short term!

6) Plan a vacation

Longing for sunnier days? Just planning a beach or sun shine vacation boost your mood in a significant amount. Let alone planning your vacation during this dreary time. Happiness is one trip away!

7) Help Others

Volunteering your time can improve mental health and the satisfaction of your life!

8) Get Outside

The outside air is going to be cold but spending time outside even in plummeting temperatures can reduce symptoms of seasonal depression and lower your stress levels. Go for a walk or find a winter activity.

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