Lets revisit face shapes

The best look for your face shape.

Have you wondered what hairstyles would look best on you or why there are some necklines you prefer more? It all has to do with your face shape. I am going to tell you what styles work best with certain face shapes and how to determine your own face shape in our Beauty Tip of the month.

Oval……This is the ideal face shape. Generally any hair style can go. So focus on your features and design your hairstyle around that. Accent your eyes or heighten your cheek bones. Necklines are also open to you, so choose based on your body type.

Square……..Stay away from styles that create width at the jaw line. Straight heavy bangs are also something to steer clear of. Angled or side swept bangs are something to try. Pull back the sides of your hair or tuck it behind your ears. Wear fullness at ear level or at the collarbone. Stay away from middle parts. Look for tops with a V-neck. Square neck and boat necks are a no-no.

Round…….Generally you want to make the face look longer and the cheeks to look more narrow. Hair styles with height on top are a must. Length thru the sides or with short fringe will work to narrow the cheeks. Add darker hair color to the sides and lightness to the top to elongate the face. Choose neck lines that will draw the face down as in a v-neck or halter. Stay away from scoop necks or any kind of round necks as it will accentuate the roundness of the jaw. Long earrings will help pull the face down.

Rectangle/Oblong……The idea is to shorten the face. Full bangs are a great way. Try not to add too much volume on top as it will draw out the face. Boat neck line and high collars are good. Stay away from any type of v-neck and long necklaces.

Triangle……..You need to create width at the top of the head. A full bang works great or short tapered cuts that have volume thru the top. Things should be kept minimal at the chin. Stay away from flips and bobs. V-neck collars and necklaces are great to narrow the jaw line.

Heart……Generally with this face shape you want to narrow the forehead with an angled bang and widen the jaw line. A chin length bob or flip are a great way to achieve this. Square and boat necks are great for this shape. Stay away from v-necks. Choker necklaces or shorter style necklaces are good.

Diamond…… A bob with bangs is a perfect look for this face shape. You want to square off the face, so square necklines and choker necklaces are great.

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