Looking Younger with a Haircut!

Did you know a great haircut can make you look younger? Look no further for your personal fountain of youth, because the best part is the effect is immediate. We all get into the habit of saying, “Oh, the usual,” when our stylists ask what we want to do at our regular appointment. But time has a way of marching on and it could be time to talk to your stylist about achieving a new and perfect haircut for you.
The stylist you see should always consider your face shape as well as your hair texture and length. Make sure you have someone that will pay attention to those details. Today let’s look at hair types and textures!

1. Coarse Hair. Try a cropped cut. It will eliminate the need for damaging practices to your hair, so your hair will look healthy and more youthful.

2. Thick Hair. Thick hair can look more youthful and polished when it is at shoulder length, and often needs to be strategically textured and layered.

3. Thinning Hair. A chin length cut can give you the look of fullness and will make your hair look as if it has more body and lift. Or a shorter cut that can give the illusion of height with style.

4. Straight, Limp Hair. Our facial features will show our age, and if limp hair is the problem, think short! Length is not a friend to someone with limp hair as it adds weight. Try a shorter style with crown layers to prevent hair from falling completely flat. And look to light-weight styling products to help. Foam makes a perfect volumizer!

5. Oily Hair. Oily roots can make your hair look drab and lifeless. Look for an asymmetrical cut. This can provide the hair with lift and fullness. Check with your stylist for products that absorb oil. Dry Shampoo will be your new best friend, even on clean hair!

6. Frizzy Hair. As we age, our hair tends to become more prone to frizz. Longer hair may be less manageable. Try a hairstyle that will fall just past your shoulders. It will be easier to keep the frizz under control. Make sure to hydrate and deep condition!

7. Curly Hair. Look for a cut with rounded layers that will help shape your hair for a more youthful look.

8. Wavy Hair. Waves in your hair tend to make you look younger. It can add a sense of softness to your hair. Ask your stylist for vertical layers to soften the waves.

9. Gray Hair. One great way to pull off gray hair is to ask your stylist for a fresh new trendy style that will fit best with your facial features. Fashion colors and highlight, lowlights are great to youth up gray hair!

To answer the question, how often should you shampoo? For the fine/thin hair, every other day is okay, using dry shampoo to get through the second day if needed. For the thick/full hair they can go several days and still look amazing, but even they might like a little dry shampoo for the extra lift!

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