Meeting New People

Meeting new people is a challenge; especially if you are shy, or unsure of yourself.

 Maybe you have experienced situations where you will meet someone, you’ll be talking, and you ask questions, but they only give you one or two word answers.  What do you do?  Walk away?  Try this:

 The quickest way to solve this is to not ask yes or no questions, but to ask questions that require some thinking, and some explanation. Instead of saying, “Do you like to hang out at the mall?” which can be answered, “yes,” or, “no,” ask, “What kinds of things do you like to do on the weekends?” this will make the person you are getting to know give you a longer explanation.

 They can actually give you a list of things they like to do; maybe you’ll find some things you have in common, and you can build on your conversation with different topics that arise from different questions.

 Sometimes talking to a person for the first time is that hardest thing for you to do; and if that is the case, then make a small comment such as, “Oh, I love your shoes!” or, “Oh, your hair is really pretty,” and just begin with compliments. Everyone likes to be complimented. Maybe you could ask where they get their shoes, and then you can ask what other stores they like to shop at, and keep asking questions to get different answers out of them. You’ll be amazed at how much someone so quiet might have to say! Maybe they wanted to talk to you, but were too shy to do so. Who knows?!

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