5. Keep a bowl of fresh produce handy. It proves to be helpful to always have on hand fresh healthy snacks that are ready to grab. So have them washed and cut up if necessary. Also carry a small bag of almonds to snack on when energy levels dip throughout the day. Accompanied with an apple it will help refuel your tank and keep you from getting the midday drag.
6. Get your workout booming. Make a playlist of songs that inspire you to work hard. Music is a great motivator and can really affect our moods. Choose songs that are fast paced and have a strong beat. It is smart to change it up every so often to keep the affect the music has on us.
7.  Switch up your routine. I absolutely lose interest quick in my workouts. Change your routine every 2 weeks or so. Make sure you intermix some of your favorite exercises with your least favorites. This will keep you from skipping your less desirable workout dates.
8. Invite peer pressure. Find someone to meet you at the gym or get a pool going at the office. Knowing that others are paying attention to your routine is a huge motivator and will keep you going longer and more often.
9. Smaller dishes. Use smaller plates when dishing out your meals. By doing, this we tend to eat 25% less at every meal. Grabbing smaller plates is much easier than trying to tell yourself to take less or to only eat a portion of your meal.
10. Don’t aim too high. Set small goals to achieve. Once you’ve reached them add another, do more reps, or add more weight. Many times when we start a workout we tend to try and max out on what we can do, which leaves us sore or injured for days. Start small and build on it. Track your numbers (time, distance, weight , reps,etc.) and add to them every week . You will feel so rewarded when you look back and see the progress you have made.
11. Cut cable. WHAT?!!!!!? Yes, think of all the time we waste in front of screens.  We zone out of the life that is happening around us to watch ridiculous useless junk on TV and computers for that matter. There are no returns on time so be aware of how you spend it. Plus think of all the money you will save on your cable/satellite bill. I realized it added up to $1440 a year for my family. Wow, there are so many more things we can do as a family with that money. Trust me, the kids will get over it.
12. Schedule it. Whatever it is that you are trying to improve on in your life, put it on your schedule. Get specific about it. Say at 6:00 – 7:00 M,W,F I am going to be at the gym. Look at it like an appointment and don’t allow anyone to ask you to change it. This tends to make things happen.
13.  Stop “trying” and start going. Last to add is change your lingo.  Replace the word try with, going to, will be, I am, this will put you mentally in the right place to make things happen.

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