Now that’s what I call a good friend!

I did the best thing the other day. I got together with a friend and we scrubbed each others kitchens. I know it doesn’t sound as fun as shopping or relaxing with that friend and a glass of wine but I was able to do those things too. Well not the relaxing but the wine! We started in her kitchen first and we attacked it like a dfjsfwiiejwjwejp’wekdjf. Everything got cleaned cupboards inside and out, top and bottom, refrigerator and freezer, windows and light fixtures, everything! We emptied, wiped, scrubbed, organized, and pitched all areas. It was so much easier to do with a friend. I don’t think the trash people thought it was such a great idea. When we were done with her house we went to mine and did it all over again except with a glass of wine (it was no longer in the a.m.). The next day we got up and went shopping for the organizational stuff we decided we needed. I never thought I would love the kitchen aisle of Target so much.

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