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Preparing for the Holidays!
For many of us the holiday season can be stressful, time consuming, and add inches to the waist line! None of us love it when that happens, so this is the perfect time to start getting organized to prevent it.
1. Book your appointments.
You know you want to look good at all the upcoming gatherings, so make sure that all your beautifying appointments are already on the books. Pick up the phone right now and get them scheduled if you haven’t already.
2. Drink water.
I’ve been told that drinking 16 oz of water right away in the morning can help to wake up your metabolism. I’ve also heard that drinking 16 oz of water before each meal can help you notice when you are full and can aid to prevent over eating. Both sound super easy and if anything will help to keep us hydrated as the dry season sets in. Sounds like a good habit to start forming.
3. Make a list. I’m not just talking for gifts, although you should do that as well. Write down all of your to do’s. Who you need to shop for, friends you want to get together with, parties you want to go to or throw, cookies you want to make, and so on. Try and think of all the extras you try and squeeze in every year and make a list. That way you can get them schedule before things get too busy.
4. Research recipes. Start now on finding some healthier alternatives to some of your favorite seasonal treats. Don’t forget to also look up some for the “comfort” foods we tend to indulge on during the cooler season as well. Check out this months recipe to get you started.

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