On The Bright Side

This time of year we all ride the positivity/negativity roller coaster. We are so over the cold gray winter and just grasping onto the hope that spring has arrived. We are so ecstatic when the temperature hits 60 degrees to only wallow when it drops back down into  the 30’s. It is amazing how much it affects our attitude.
I find I have to make a conscious effort to stay on the mental high of that roller coaster. Here are a few strategies that work for me.
1. Wear bright colors. This is a must when the forecast is overcast and gray. A bright color can be like a breath of fresh air, especially a shade of yellow.
2. Using facial bronzers. Adding a little color to your face can give you a healthy glow. You can use a self-tanner (like I do) or makeup bronzer lightly dusted across your cheeks and forehead.
3. Painted toes. Yes it’s time to get your toes done! You’ll want them polished and ready to go for the days ahead that are a bit warmer but are still calling for pants and long sleeves. An open toe is a great, sexy way to sneak into spring.
4. An evening stroll. What a wonder that can do for your psyche. Even if it’s a cool night throw on a heavier coat and take a brisk walk around the block. It feels so good to stretch your legs after being cooped up all winter.
These few things are all easy to do and can really make a difference, but the most impactful thing I mentioned is in the beginning, it’s about making a conscious effort. So do whatever works for you. Smile at every person you see, don’t make negative comments about the weather, and remind yourself we have many glorious days ahead of us.

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