Perms: They’re Back!

It used to be that the term “perm” meant tight poodle curls and smelly solutions that made everyone’s nose wrinkle. The old perms weren’t great. They damaged the condition of your hair and limited the type of style you could achieve.

The new perms provide big, loose, soft curls. The technology in today’s new perms has been perfected to give you the look you want without damaging your hair. It can be a long-term solution for giving you the lush and sexy hairstyle you might be looking for.

Stylists today are using perms for their clients who want some texture and style for their haircut. They will work with any hair, any cut.

In addition to better chemical solutions, the new perm is vastly more versatile. Varying the rod size, the strength of the solution, and length of processing time, your stylist can give you a variety of style options from big loose curls to tighter waves.

Doing a little pre-perm work on your hair will give you the best results. Consider regular conditioning treatments for a few weeks before getting your perm. Consult your stylist for the best options.

It’s important to get a good cut and style before the perm, being sure to keep in mind how your hair will look once it is curled. You can maintain the freshness of your perm by redoing the perm process on your new hair growth every 12 weeks.


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