Preparing for Fall

Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner, and we’re already thinking ahead to what the fall fashion will be. With any new season, new trends will be popping up that can help create any look. Everyone gets excited for that transition to fall; it gives us a chance to try something new to make us look and feel gorgeous. To do that, you need to consider all things from the outfit, to the hair, nails, makeup, and everything in between.

To start off, the rich palette of Fall colors play a huge role on the fashion shades for 2017. Colors like rich burgundy, bold navy, even some deep greens or if you prefer a softer and more neutral color, there will be a lot of soft pinks, neutral grays and light tawny shades as well. Regardless of the colors, each one of them will complement the fashion this fall.

To work with these colors the 80’s will be making a comeback with some bold and textured pieces, like velvet and corduroy. Velvet vests can be used for any occasion to help make a bold statement. For bottoms corduroy pants paired with a button down for men, or a loose, flowy blouse for women are becoming the dress up or dress down for all events. Plaid is also still sticking around, which always offers us a comfortable choice to wear anywhere. Or you can try pairing it with a cute pair of jeans and booties, to give your look a stylish edge.

Accessories are always a big part of Fall fashion as the season promises cute boots, bulky scarfs, and fashionable jewelry. Fall 2017 will be the season of hats, whether they’re slouchy, structured, or patent. Meanwhile dainty jewelry is making its way out and layered chains are making their way in. To finish off accessorizing we’ll also be seeing some over-sized slouchy bags, mini backpacks, and layered bags to accompany our outfits.

With any season change, we also must start thinking about what color we want our hair. For blondes, adding dimension of a low-light, whether it’s richer and darker, or softer and lighter, can always soften up any Summer blonde. A toasted blonde shade can

warm up your skin tone without washing you out or making you feel too brassy. This season’s ombre looks nothing like the heavy ombres of the past, so for all those chocolate brunettes out there adding just a smidge of lightness through the ends can give a nice seamless transition. A softer look effect can add just the right amount. They always say less is more.

The popular trends like Balayage and baby lights are still perfect for fitting in with the Fall. These two blended highlight techniques make for a well-blended low maintenance blonde. Keep in mind less is more. For blondes that are wanting to add the pearlescent affect that’s increasingly being seen, this can be done on blondes ranging from golden blonde to platinum blonde. If you’re looking to take the plunge and really want it to be that pearly sheen, be aware that it may take a couple visits for your stylist to achieve that perfect shade. As always red pops out when fall is here, but if you’re not quite ready to go full out red, a super warm brunette shade with deep red undertones is a great way to imply auburn without leaving your comfort zone. You can also try switching up your look with your favorite Fall latte, pumpkin spice or caramel macchiato can be a perfect tone for your locks. It can vary from golden shades of blonde to chestnut being painted over copper strands. This style gives a multidimensional look reminiscing the shimmery fall leaves in the sunlight.

Now it’s time to let your true self shine throughout fall by trying something new whether it be going bold or keeping it simple. Fall is the season of new beginnings, so go out and make it yours!


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