Preserve your hair color!

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6 Ways to
Preserve your Hair Color

Avoid Shampooing Daily
– It is not necessary to wash your hair this often. If need be try just wetting your hair down and using conditioner. This will help to remove product build up and refresh your hair.

Use the correct products –  Hair care products make all the difference in the longevity of your hair color. Shampoos especially, many of them have harsh detergents that are stripping agents in them. It is important to use a shampoo that is both sulfate free and propylene glycol free.

Don’t Swim with Dry Hair – Your hair acts like a sponge soaking up chlorine which bleaches your hair. By wetting your hair down first with tap water and running a conditioner through it, it will act as a barrier and dilute the amount of chlorine your hair soaks up.

Be aware of excessive heat – High heats can pull the color out of your hair. That is why heat protectant are so important.

Seal in your color with conditioners – Conditioners help fill in the “pot holes” of porosity, keeping your hair hydrated and strong. Sealing that outer cuticle layer of your hair thus sealing in your hair color.

Do a glossing treatment – A clear gloss can help seal in your color and it creates great shine.

Use SPF – Your skin is not the only thing that suffers from sun damage. The sun bleaches out color and dries out your hair making it porous.

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