Questions about Waxing

 Many people have thought about getting parts of their body waxed, but have questions and worries that prevent them from trying it out.

 Some people think that waxing causes their hair to grow back darker and coarser. This is not true. Waxing the hair will not change the color of your hair, nor will it make your hair grow back thicker and coarser. In fact, getting waxed more often will make the hair grow back less coarse than before, and therefore making the waxing easier, and less painful.

 Waxing will also NOT change the pigment of your skin. Do keep in mind that you need to be aware of what is in your skin care products. With all the anti aging products many of them contain retinol. This can remove skin when waxing so make sure you read all ingredients prior to making an appointment. If you are unsure bring the bottle in or Google some of the ingredients.

 Will you get ingrown hairs? It’s possible. After waxing the skin becomes harder, and it can be hard for the hair to come out properly, which causes the hair to become infected, but if you can keep the waxed skin moisturized, it will help to keep the skin from becoming dry, and hard.

 Waxing can be more or less painful, depending on your pain tolerance. You can minimize the pain by taking an Advil about half an hour before your waxing. This will also prevent against inflammation. Avoid caffeine prior to waxing it will make your skin more tender. Your menstrual cycle can also make your skin more sensitive, so if you can avoid doing it close to, or during your menstrual cycle, it can help alleviate the pain.

 Also, remember when being waxed to relax; when you are tense, it makes the hair follicles tense too, which makes it harder to pull out the hair, and makes it even more painful, so try to close your eyes and relax.

 Many places like your hair to be one eighth of an inch, some like it to be one forth of an inch. It depends on where you go, so be sure to ask. Keep these in mind, and try out waxing! Who knows, maybe you’ll like it!

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