All of Scruples products have a Protective Barrier Complex made up of Mucopolysaccharides, Hydrolyzed Cationic Proteins, Silicone Conditioners and UV Absorbers.  All are an essential blend of ingredients that moisturizes, adds strength and shine, and protects the hair from everyday wear.

White Tea (Sulfate free product line) restorative complex is made up of White Tea,  flower extract, Pathenol and Vitamin E.  The white tea extract is an antioxidant that helps safeguard against environmental damage. The orange flower extract energizes, conditions and adds vitality and shine to hair.  Pathenol and Vitamin E helps repair dehydrated and damaged hair.  Also has some skin care and styling products.

Pearl Product line has a little bit of everything.  They cover the spectrum of Hydrate, add Strength, Color Care, Purify, Conditioning and style support.  This line is classic, trusted and has true integrity.

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