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There comes a time in every man’s life when he needs to learn the importance of maintaining well-groomed hair, skin and nails.

This goes beyond trimming your mustache/hair at home, or simply taking a nail clipper to your nails. It’s not just a matter of being egocentric, aesthetically pleasing or even vain; this is making sure you look your best for your daily life. It’s for that promotion you want, the cutie in the coffee shop you are looking over your laptop at, and most importantly, it’s for YOU to feel confidant and good about yourself.

Let’s start from the top! Whether you like your hair long, short, styled or messy, it is imperative that you maintain some sort of haircut (or even color) schedule. Why, you ask? Well, have you ever been ready to go on a trip, for business or leisure, and felt less than prepped for meeting new, important faces or having your

picture taken numerous times? A regularly scheduled haircut would solve that challenge quick! Also, it simply feels good to regularly maintain your cut and style.

Fades are all the rage right now for men. Typically, these haircuts start with little to no hair at the neck and fade up to longer hair on the back and sides of the head, eventually leading to some sort of longer style on top that can be easily manipulated to stay styled. These haircuts start to lose their finesse after about 4 weeks. Often, that grown out haircut can lessen confidence or even deplete our energy because of the way it causes us to perceive ourselves, especially when your neckline looks unkempt and the hair around your ears starts to curl and wing up. As a stylist, I notice the shift in the way my clients view themselves after a new haircut or color. They sit up a little higher in the chair and often start practicing their Snapchat or Instagram selfie faces to debut their new look (guys and girls alike do this).

Lastly, getting on a consistent schedule takes ALL the guesswork out of your grooming practices. You’re going to want to schedule appointments about every 4-5 weeks. Longer styles are not much different. Regular appointments are a must every 6-8 weeks. This allows your length to stay relatively the same, cleans up the end and provides more ease in styling.

While we’re talking hair, let’s talk color! Do you wish your hair looked THICKER? Well it can by just adding some natural looking highlights. This gives the appearance that you spent a week at the beach and the sun created some awesome dimension in your hair. The variance gives off an illusion of thicker hair besides the fact that a little hair color does plump up the hair shaft.

If you have gray and it has crept farther through your hair than you would like (also making it look thinner) there are several options for you. Our 10minute Menz color is great at blending away gray and not making it look artificial. It gradually fades out, so you don’t have a harsh line of regrowth. Do you like some of your gray? We can also keep that distinguished look by combing natural hair color through some of your concentrated gray areas. This will give you the appearance of a few years back when you just started to gray. Or if you dislike the gray all together you can be rid of that as well in just 30 minutes. There are many options and benefits to men’s color. The big catch is you need to keep it natural and consistent.

Now let’s get to the hard part gentleman! Nails. The primary purpose of manicures and pedicures is not for the pretty polish the ladies put on. The real reason is because it feels AMAZING! When was the last time you cleaned under your fingers and toe nails, scrubbed the callouses off your heals, or got your feet or hands massaged? This makes your hands and feet not only feel better, but it also has some great heath benefits. Improper care of the nail bed can lead to odor, infection, and cracked skin, which can be painful. Think about the next time you greet someone with a handshake. Can they feel your dry jagged skin?

Here is a break down of how these services go: you soak in nice warm water with Epsom salt, then we clip the nails and cuticles. Then we scrub off all the dead skin from your feet or hands with a fine sugar scrub and/or pumice file. All of this is followed with an amazing massage. Plus, with Pedicures you also sit in a massaging chair. There is never any requirement for polish. That is at your own will. So, think about maybe getting a nail service done next time you are at the salon, you might just find your new favorite pastime.

Give it a try and see the difference in your day when your feet don’t hurt, your hair is tailored, and your hands don’t snag on the persons hand you shake. Be able to walk by a mirror and notice how great your beard trim looks. Avoid those frantic moments of wondering where you can get a quick cut and hoping it turns out all right. Help us help you maintain those great styles and great looks!



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By Amber Luebke and Bree McLain, owners of Lotus Salon in Stoughton, WI, have over 35 years combined experience specializing in hair color, accenting your best features and addressing your specific needs. Google+
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