Salon Shampoos – Are They REALLY Better?

It’s a question hair stylist are often asked when they recommend their salon brand, or other professional brands.  They often face skeptical eyes in the mirror.

It’s shampoo, it cleans hair, right? How can a professional brand be any different than what you can buy at your neighborhood drugstore?

Here’s one way to look at it: wine is made from grapes. Some bottles of wine are only a few dollars, while others go for hundreds of dollars. Anyone who has trained their palate can usually tell the difference. So, can a professional hairdresser.

You look in the mirror and feel shocked. Despite being a fresh clean hair day, the sheen is gone, and suddenly it looks like you have dry, brittle, unhealthy hair.Shampoo is basically intended to clean your hair and scalp. They contain some of the same essential ingredients. But if you really pay attention to how your hair feels after using certain shampoos, there is still a significant difference. Have you ever stayed with friends or family and forgot to pack your salon shampoo? Then you are stuck using the bottle they have in the shower. You go to dry and style your hair and realize the difference.

Looking further into this issue, the difference becomes clear. Shampoo that costs far less than salon products often use fillers, like water and sulfates. They have little to no vitamins, minerals, or oils designed to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Even brand name shampoos sold at discount stores might not be the same as what you purchase at the salon.

In addition, shampoos are formulated for a variety of hair and scalp conditions. When you discuss your specific needs with your stylist, they can recommend and use a selected shampoo at each visit to see which one best suits your needs. This eliminates the need to purchase full bottles of a product you may only use once.

Sure, your friend or neighbor might swear by a certain shampoo, but that doesn’t guarantee that it will do the same for your hair. Your professional hairdresser spends hours a week dealing with hair and scalp issues. I recommend using their expertise to your advantage.

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