Stop Worrying

Recent studies have been done to evaluate where Americans waste time. The answers included tasks that you’d commonly expect: • Watching television • Playing video games • Talking on the phone • Surfing the internet • Following social media sites • Texting • Email The number one time waster, however, was worrying. Initially the respondents did not list this as a time waster. Most of them believed that when they worried about something they were doing something constructive. The fact is that Americans spend more time worrying than they do in any other activity and the irony in that is worrying doesn’t get us anything but stress and ulcers. Spending any amount of energy on worry is a total and complete waste of time. If you worry about it, does it fix the problem or prevent the future? No it actually compiles your stress and breeds anxiety. Any energy you spend on worry is a waste and you’re creating a self-made prison. What I’m saying is that you should stop wasting time on worrying because worry does nothing to prevent something from happening, yet it wastes our most valuable commodity….time.

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By Amber Luebke and Bree McLain, owners of Lotus Salon in Stoughton, WI, have over 35 years combined experience specializing in hair color, accenting your best features and addressing your specific needs. Google+
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