Take Action!

Some people believe in forcing yourself to take massive action, and I would agree that this sometimes gets things done. The problem with demanding massive action is that we tend to put off bigger jobs until we “have enough time” to get them done.
What happens then?
They sit there. And they accumulate. Suddenly you’re not faced with just one big job, but several! Eventually you’ll get to one of them, you’ll grumble about having to give up your weekend or holiday to get it done, but you’ll get it done. Then the next time you have a huge job in front of you, you’ll put it off even more because it was so painful the last time.
How do you take care of it? Learn to take one action step each day toward a goal. It usually doesn’t matter how large or small that step is, what matters is that you took the step. Think of it in terms of Baby Steps.
Ask yourself, “If I continue on my present path, where will I be next year? In five years?
Most of us realize that if we change nothing about what we’re doing in our life, we will end up no more fulfilled in terms of our dreams and aspirations. We’d likely not be any richer. We would be more set in our ways, fie years older, and still living a life based on our habitual behavior.
We want change, and many of us want big change. If we change nothing in our behaviors, nothing will change for our future.
In order to make a difference, we have to tackle those big tasks, problems, and issues. We have to take at least one small step toward our goal, and we have to do it every day.
This is how to handle big chores. Ask yourself, “What’s the tiniest step I can take to accomplish this task?” Then do it. Do it every day. You’ll see amazing changes in your life! Take action today.

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