Tips for Flat Abs

Having flat abs is a goal for men and women alike. We know all about crunches, but is there anything else that will work?

Here’s some really great news! Crunches are only one way to getting that flat abdomen. Here are a few other tips:

• Eat the right kind of fats. Feast on avocados and use olive oil for your cooking. Eating healthy fat actually helps to burn abdominal fat. Nuts and seeds are great too.
• Eat more potassium-containing foods like bananas and celery.
• Find a workout buddy! When you workout alone, you get bored, tired, run out of motivation. When you work out with a buddy, you keep each other motivated.
• Aerobics helps burn abdominal fat…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. While you’re working out, focus on keeping your abs firm. Visualize them as you are running, or using the elliptical trainer. The more you focus on them, the firmer they’ll become.
• Balance! The next time you do single-arm free weights; try doing it while standing on one foot. This will force you to strengthen your core muscles, most of which are your abdominals.
• Watch your stress. Increased stress increases your cortisol levels, which in turn works to preserve your abdominal fat. Learn yoga, go bowling with some friends, practice some form of meditation, or get a massage. Do anything that will reduce your stress.

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  1. Flat abs is what everyone wants to achieve but not all knows the right workout training for it. I am pretty sure that this information you provided will help a lot of people. Great idea for sharing it!

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