Vitamin C Serum really helped my sunburn

The other weekend I was outside for most of the day and was really good about putting sunscreen on, but forgot an area, my neck and chest.  Saturday night the area started getting really hot and prickly.  I had been using the Vitamin C Serum for my face and knew they said it would work of sunburns, so I gave it a try and wow it was a great relief.  As I put the serum on it had a slight sting but went a way quickly and absorbed even faster.  When morning came I had actually forgotten about the sunburn and was on with my day (normally I would have been putting aloe and other moisturizers on right away that next morning), I had no sensitivity, blistering, or peeling.  I will be keeping the Vitamin C Serum near by this summer just for this reason alone.

Malibu C says you can use the Vitamin C Serum for remedy on many other skin conditions such as:

-Abnormal Growths       -Age Spots      -Chemically-peeled Skin    -Dry Skin    -Fine Lines      -Hyper/Hypo Pigmentation     -Melasma

-Keratosis (pre-cancer)      -Post Chemotherapy     -Post Cosmetic Procedures    -Post Radiation Therapy     -Post waxing     -Scars

-Skin Tags       -Swimmers’ Oxidized Skin      -Wrinkles

I also use the Vitamin C Serum morning and night to keep my skin in as healthy and youthful appearance as possible.  The serum retails for $32 and is a 6 week supply.

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