What is Self-Image?

Self image is created from projections of our own beliefs, and the beliefs of others. Weather true or not, these projections become apart of our identity. Self image is made up of a collection of our own experiences, how others view us, what they say, how they treat us, and what we tell ourselves.
What goes into self image? This is how we choose to present our selves to the world. This would be the type of car we drive, the job we hold, clothes we wear, relationships we have and the life we ultimately choose to lead.
A belief is anything we hold true to ourselves, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is true. If the view of others holds more value than how you think of you yourself, it will become your belief. 18
Think about it: what are you going to choose to wear today, how will you fix your hair? These are the questions we ask ourselves daily. What you choose everyday is a presentation to the world; this comes from the genuine belief we have of ourselves. Whether it is accurate or idealized, we believe how the world views us is how we should view ourselves.
Beliefs are patterns of thoughts and are generally formed during childhood. They are things we learn from our surroundings, family, friends and school. During that time, we look up to significant people, such as parents, teachers, and other authority figures. We grow up trusting these people and take what they say as the truth.
We make it our truth…. but is it really?
Over the years these beliefs get deeply rooted in our core. This is where our attitude comes from, creating our own life experiences. These are things we have a hard time changing or being challenged on. In order to assess our self image, we have to step aside and evaluate if these are all truths or if these are just all we once knew.
What if you wanted to be a dancer, but throughout life everyone said you would never make a good dancer? You would then start believing that you would be a horrible dancer. Now, let’s say you challenged their thoughts; you knew you were a good dancer and you took classes to explore the possibility.  By believing in yourself, you proved people’s view of you wrong.

There are many people who didn’t let themselves be defined by what others told them they couldn’t be. Those are the people we should look up too! Become what you believe and don’t worry about what other people think. When we become aware of our limiting beliefs, we have the power to change them. In the long run it could change your life. Is your self image accurate? Or, is it holding you back?

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