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We hope this email finds you well. PLEASE take time to read to it's entirety as many of these guidelines will affect your next visit with us.

Our Lotus Salon family has missed you all very much! Like many of you, we are ecstatic for the reopening of salons on May 26th! We want to keep you informed of the new policies that will be taking place. Some are temporary and some will remain permanent. Please keep in mind these things have been put in place for the safety of our staff and you. Please be mindful and respectful of these changes, many of them are difficult for us as well. Please be patient with us as some appointments need to be adjusted after full guidelines and policies were released. Please be understanding of this and respectful to everyone, we are doing our best to service you all.

  •  Please reschedule your appointment to a later date if you are sick, if you have a temperature, if someone in your house is sick, if you have allergies and can’t control sneezing. 
  • Make sure to notify us prior to your appointment if you have done any "at home" hair color. If any home color was done and corrective color is necessary we will discuss charges with you before hand and do our best to correct your color in one visit but know that multiple visits may be necessary. 
  • As it has been a couple months since your last visit we will likely need to use extra color to cover all of your regrowth. This could incur an extra charge to cover the extra product used. We will be sure to notify you of this at your appointment after your consultation.
  • Please check your product supply and email us prior to your appointment what your are in need of. This will allow us to prepare all of your items for you before you arrive and lessen contact areas. Our retail area will be a touch free zone.
  • As we will all be coming out of "hiding" many of us are going to be hungry for human contact and touch. It is going to break our hearts to not hug you or shake your hands. This is very important that we all follow this guideline. There will be no physical contact between us other than the necessary contact the service provider must do in order to preform your services.
  • We have been limited to only allowing clients into the salon if they are receiving a service. That means, if you arrive early for your appointment you will be asked to wait outside. Please be sure to provide a mobile number so we can text you when it is time for you to enter the salon for your appointment. Please do not bring other people (including children) with you as they will be asked to wait outside. Once your appointment is complete you will need to leave the building to allow others to arrive. Children's cuts, will have a  consultation with you and them on your expectations. You will then need to remain outside the building during their service. If you are bringing in more than 1 child they will need to wait outside until it is their turn. We know this is difficult, it's difficult for us as well. If you feel your child cannot be in the salon with out you then we ask that you schedule their appointment once the restriction is lifted.
  • You will no longer be asked to sign your credit card slip ,ALL receipts will be emailed, and there will be no appointment cards handed out. This will lessen down cross contact between yourself and staff. Checks and cash will still be accepted.
  • We have in place temporary "sneeze shields" at our reception desks and our manicure tables. We will also regularly sanitize these areas in order to keep everyone safe.
  • All of our magazines, newspapers, and mints have been removed form the salon to reduce down the potential of cross contamination.
  • All of our staff is wearing masks. It will likely create a warm work environment for us. So please keep in mind we may have the AC lowered a bit to help us stay comfortable and function-able during our work day.
  • You are required, by our county health department, to wear a mask when entering the salon. If you do not bring one a washable one will be available for you to borrow. Please select the style that wraps behind the ears (certain mask styles may interfere with the performance of the haircut or color application).
  • Please no carry ins. We are asking you to leave all nonessential items in your vehicle. This includes hats, jackets, sweaters, bags, purses, water bottles, etc. Please only bring in your phone, keys and method of payment. Again this will lessen areas of cross contamination. Any item brought in will need to remain on your person or in your lap at all times during your appointment. This includes at the reception desk.
  • All client capes are being put into a sterilization cabinet or washed between uses. This practice has always and will continue to hold true with all of our combs and tools. All salon surfaces and employee hands will be washed or sanitized between client use. 
  • We have hand sanitizer to use at the door when you enter and before you leave the salon.
  • All surfaces in the salon will be sanitized between each client use. 
  • There will be NO talking at the shampoo bowls. This allows for full relaxation of everyone and keeps everyone as safe as possible.  
  • It has been a long journey for us all to be back together again. Please let's keep this a COVID FREE zone. This includes not talking about it. Let's use this time together as an escape, we could ALL use it. 
  • For the safety of our staff we will be working in teamed groups. This means 3 stylists and 2 desk support will only work with each other to protect against spreading COVID amongst each other. This will change hours of all stylists and we may have to adjust your appointment. Please be patient and understanding while we work to accommodate all scheduled appointments. Our hours have been extended to give maximum availability. 7 days a week 8am to 9pm

There will likely be some changes and additions to this list as restrictions and guidelines are updated for us. Make sure to like and follow our Facebook page for the latest updates.  Appointments can be made via our website or Facebook page once we have rescheduled current appointments to the new scheduling. If you have not yet used this feature use this email and click forgot password to set up your account. Call volumes are expected to be high, again we ask for your patience. If you don't currently, we strongly suggest prebooking your next appointment before you leave the salon.  

Our open date is May 26th! We look forward to being with you again and getting back to our careers. Thank you all of your patience and understanding. 

Lotus Salon Team 

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At each and every appointment our stylists consult with you about you. We listen to your needs, lifestyle, likes and dislikes. It is your time, so it’s all about you. You can expect personal service each appointment.  


After finding out about you, your stylist will design a color and cut that will work with your face shape, skin tone, and eye color. This design will reflect your personal style as well as fit your lifestyle.  


Our stylists are extremely trained and continue ongoing education in hair coloring. They understand the chemistry and art of hair color. There is much more to hair coloring than ‘picking a swatch’.  


This means not only are they going to try their best to please you but also they continue to educate themselves further. You can never know too much.  


We will teach you how to care for your hair and how to style it as well.  


There is a difference in product quality. We use only products made of top ingredients.  


We have staff that manages the phones and our reception desk. They help to make your experience with us enjoyable by rescheduling your future appointments so your look will always look fresh, emailing you a reminder a week before your appointment and calling to confirm your appointment the night before.  


We know there is so much more to your experience at a salon than sitting in the chair and getting a ‘cut’. It’s about all the small details that we don’t miss.

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