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To grow, inspire, and empower cosmetologists/barbers/service providers into a sustainable career that they can financially and emotionally support themselves and their family all while delivering happiness, comfort, and beauty to others. To feel the reward of this powerful industry by being immersed in a culture that they are supported, embraced, and encouraged in a way that fills their soul to find the confidence, not only in themselves but in what they give others.

Attention Stylists and Aspiring Stylists...

“Who Else Wants To Have New Clients Given To Them Every Day, To Make More Money, To Have A Great Place To Work, And To Be A Much Happier Person?”

If this sounds like it would be some place you’d like to work, we have multiple options for you to join our amazing team!
· Are you already a stylist and looking for a change? Or do you need more benefits like vacation,career growth, retirement, and health added to your employment?
· Are you currently enrolled in beauty school and are looking to join our assistant program to get additional exposure during school so that you’re that much better prepared once you graduate?
· Maybe you’re neither and would be interested in our BRAND-NEW Apprenticeship program that requires no previous experience or schooling, and you can EARN while you learn!

If you are any of the above, we’d love to chat more with you to see if Lotus Salon is the right Salon Home for you to grow or start your career!

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Read below to find out more about Apprenticeship programs...

The cosmetology industry can be one of the most rewarding professions with unlimited earning potential. It also has been projected as one of the fastest growing industries through 2028.


There is no better way to learn and train in the industry then as an apprenticeship. You will work hands on, 1 on 1 with highly trained and skilled professionals. Build your business as you learn through mentor-ship. Grow your career and earn while you’re learning!



Cosmetology 3712 + 288 theory   2 years                           Barbering 1712 + 288 theory 1 year

All hair cutting                                                                        All hair cutting

All hair styling                                                             All hair styling

All hair color services                                                 All hair color services

All facial hair services                                                            All facial hair services

All facial skin care services                                        Some facial skin care services

All hair removal services                                            Facial hair only

All nail services                                                           N/A

All makeup services                                                    N/A



How long does an apprenticeship take?

A Barbering apprenticeship (2,000 hours) will take a minimum of one year and not to exceed 2 years. A Cosmetology apprenticeship (4,000 hours) will take a minimum of 2 years and not to exceed 4 years.


What does an apprenticeship entail?

An apprentice is required to work minimum in salon/barber shop for 32 hours a week (only exception being if the student is still in high school). This program is 90% on the job training and 10% instructed theory. During your apprenticeship attendance is extremely important. School theory hours are not allowed to be missed and the state keeps a close eye on missed “work” days. It’s important to take your vacations prior to starting an apprenticeship or wait until after your apprenticeship is complete.


How can I become an apprentice?

You can start by finding a salon that is a DWD licensed apprenticeship sponsor. You can do this by going to Service Registered Apprenticeship (wisconsin.gov). Keep in mind you want to find a sponsor that will best suit you in your training and career path. The DWD does not allow transfer of apprenticeship contracts unless for reasons of salon closure or apprenticeship requirements not being met. The best way for you to find the best salon sponsor for you is to job shadow at apprenticeship salons. Spending several hours observing the salon culture and demographic will help provide you with true sense of the salon’s environment. It is also a good idea to speak with the sponsors current and graduated apprentices. Learning about their experience will help give you a clear expectation of that sponsors apprenticeship program.

What can I expect during my apprenticeship?

You can expect to work full time during your apprenticeship. You will learn the salon/barbering business as well as the skill set to perform quality services to clients. During the apprenticeship you will acquire the skills to build a strong based dependable clientele all while earning a wage and tips.


Will I be attending school during my apprenticeship?

Yes, each apprenticeship is required 288 of instructed theory hours. This is currently done virtually and runs 4 semesters.


Does the apprenticeship cost me anything?

The apprenticeship itself is of no cost to you. You will in fact earn while you learn. This includes your required theory hours (288 hours). Your apprenticeship sponsor is required to pay you no less than minimum wage and is required to raise you to the standard wage skill set of that profession prior to completion. Your apprenticeship sponsor is required to pay your tools and product needs during your apprenticeship. The school tuition and books are the only cost to the apprentice, they are approximately $1800 in total.  


Will I be able to earn and keep tips during my apprenticeship?

Absolutely! If Lotus Salon is your apprenticeship sponsor you keep all tips you receive. We strongly suggest recording and reporting all tip income on your yearly tax refund. Tip income can total to the thousands and into the tens of thousands a year for career stylists. It’s important to keep record this money as real income.


Is there a contract involved with apprenticeship?

Yes, there is in fact 2 separate contracts you will enter. One will be with Lotus Salon (or the apprenticeship sponsor you choose) and one will be with the Department of Workforce Development. Your sponsorship contract will vary depending on the salon you choose. The DWD contract is binding with the state and all apprenticeship standards. They keep a close eye on attendance and completion time. The Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) does not have a contract with you but does hold the standard on productivity, trained skill set, and sanitation. DSPS is who grants your completion license at the end of your apprenticeship.


How much can I expect to earn after my apprenticeship is complete?

WI average income in the Barbering/Cosmetology industry states 28k-33k per year. At Lotus Salon our apprentices average $47,742 their first year following full licensure working a 34.5-hour work week. Our career stylists are earning over 73K a year after just 3 years in the industry. As you can see our stylists far out earn the average stylist in WI. This is why it is very important for you to research and shadow apprenticeship salons so you can find the right sponsor that will grow and teach you in the manner you will flourish in.


What services will I learn to provide?

Your apprenticeship sponsor is required to provide you with training in all the services your license allows you to perform. There are some differences in Cosmetology and Barbering licenses so make sure to look at our comparison chart to help you choose which license is best for you. Keep in mind, the more variety of services you offer the faster you will fill your schedule and start to be able to determine which service area you want to grow and become a master in.


When do I start offering services to clients?

Lotus Salon apprentices start offering services they are trained on with in the first few weeks. Don’t worry we start training you on basic services like shampoo and style before we introduce bigger services like hair cutting and coloring. We never allow you to take a service you are not prepared and ready for.

What does a typical week look like during my apprenticeship?

Typical work weeks for apprentices at Lotus Salon change often. Once the full apprenticeship contract has been accepted the apprentice will immediately start a 40-hour week. They will receive a minimum of 12 hours hands on training focusing on set skills. Each week the apprentice and the trainer build the skill of the apprentice until that service can be offered to the public. Once complete, the apprentice will start offering that service and a new skill set is introduced. There is time of assisting and shadowing other skilled service providers as well as practice time, school theory time, and desk support. The initial hands-on training time last approximately 14 weeks. Once complete the apprentice offers all services their license allows, and salon provides. DWD requires a 32-hour minimum work week with the only exception to current high school students.


What happens if I perform a service and the client doesn’t like it?

This will happen to every apprentice/student/stylist through out their career.  Truthfully it is the most difficult aspect of the industry. As service providers we strive to make others happy and feel good about themselves. When we fail in doing so it affects us emotionally and can haunt us long after the client has left the salon. This again, is another extremely important reason to research your apprenticeship sponsors to find one that will help reinforce you in these times. At Lotus Salon we believe in being a team and always supporting each other during the great times and the lowest.

How do I apply for a Lotus Salon Apprenticeship?
The apprenticeship program is an enormous privilege to new professionals in our industry. It is an extremely costly and time-consuming program for salons to run. Because of the time and expenses acurred, we at Lotus Salon are very selective on who we bring onto the program. We seek top motivated, driven, and goal orientated individuals that strive to make a career for themselves.

Lotus Salon offers a 5-step application process to become a licensed contracted apprentice. The first step is a 30-minute meet and greet with one of our owners followed by a 2-hour job shadow. Amongst other requirements is a 90-day desk support position prior to starting our program.

If you would like to learn more, complete our employment application and note you are interested in the apprenticeship program.

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