Bree’ Stoughton & Sun Prairie Owner 

I have over 21 years experience and 6 of those years were spent specializing in hair color. With hair color being my mastered skill, my passion lies in creating a full package experience and a look that focuses on you. Accenting your best features and addressing your specific needs will, I believe, give you the look that brings out your best. Level 6 – Strengths – short hair cutting and coloring for women. Hours: M 8-4 in SP T & W 8am – 9pm in Sto Favorite Movie- Burlesque Favorite Song- Only Girl (In The World) Rihanna Email:  

Amber Stoughton & Sun Prairie Owner 

With over 16 years experience I am proud to say I love my profession. My attention to detail and personalizing each look to each clients needs is where I find my passion. Education is very important in our industry as trends change at a blink of an eye. I’ve had the pleasure to attend training in the greater mid-west to New York where I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Level 5 Hours: M & Th 8 – 9 in Sto W 8-5 in SP Favorite Song- Good Things (Bo Dean) Favorite Movie-Sixteen Candles Email:

Deidre Stoughton Location 

Hi, my name is Deidre. I grew up in Hayward, Wisconsin, and moved to the Madison area for a change. I graduated from Empire Beauty School in January of 2011, and have been with Lotus Salon since March of 2011. I’m very outgoing, and I love making people feel great about themselves. I’ve had a passion for hair and makeup from a young age. I have fun with every service I do. I will take my time to get to know you, and form a style that works with who you are. I’m constantly learning new things and improving on techniques to fit each client’s personality and lifestyle. Level 4 Hours: M 2-9 Th 8-9 F 8-5 Every other Saturday 8-4 Favorite Movie – American Beauty Favorite Song – Drops of Jupiter (Train) Email:

Callie Stoughton Location 

I have 7 years of experience and I am so pleased to say all of them have been here at Lotus! I graduated from VICI Aveda-Madison March 2012 and started at Lotus in July 2012! Continuing education is very important to me as a stylist, and the continuing education we receive keeps me up on popular trends and ready for new challenges! I love to focus on your personality, and style, to find what works best for your life and vibe. My passion lies in color and curly hair, but mostly I want to make your hair dreams a reality! Level 4 Strengths Color, finishing styles (updo’s, blowouts) curly hair cuts, fades, make up, and nails. Favorite Song: Beautiful Crazy Luke Combs Favorite movie: Step Brothers Hours: T 2-9 W 8-2 Th 8-9 Every other Friday 8-5 Every other Saturday 8-4 Email: 

Ashley Stoughton Location 

I graduated from Regency Beauty School in September of 2012 and started my career with Lotus the following week. I take pride in my work and the ability to make people feel good about themselves. Some of my strengths include soft natural highlighting, long hair cuts along with short to medium bobs. I also love to work with the really vibrant colors from our Urban Shock line. Level 3 Strengths: Creative bright hair color. Hours: M,Th 2-9 T, W 8-2 Every other Friday 8-5 Every other Sat 8-4 Favorite song: Give Me Something by Scars on 45 Favorite move: Queen of the Damned Email: 

Morgan Stoughton Location

I graduated from the VICI Aveda Institute in June of 2014. I grew up in Stoughton and started working at Lotus Salon in August of 2014. Lotus Salon is the perfect salon for me, I can express who I am while pursuing my passion of making people feel and look beautiful. I am very outgoing and love meeting new people. I couldn’t be happier doing what I love most. Level 4 Strengths balayage/ombre, long haircuts, styles, Lash extensions Hours: M 2-9 Lashes T & W 2-9 F 8-12 Lashes 12- 5 hair Every other Saturday 8-4 Favorite song – My Church by Maren Morris Favorite movie – Bridesmaids Email: 

Thomas Stoughton Location 

Thomas began his career in the beauty industry at Paul Mitchell the School in Davenport, IA. Upon graduation, Thomas began working as the sales leader and product knowledge specialist at the Paul Mitchell school in Monroe, WI. More recently, he was working as an instructor at Paul Mitchell in Madison. Thomas has a passion for curly and wavy hair types, hair color, blonding and balayage services. His attention-to-detail and optimistic personality are sure to brighten your day! Level: 3 Strengths: Curly/wavy hair, Blonding, & men’s cuts & colors Hours: M, Th 8-2 T, W 2-9 Every other Friday 8-5 Every other Sat 8-4 Favorite Song: The Way We Were (Barbra Streisand) Favorite Movie: Gone With the Wind Email:  

Krystal Stoughton Location

I graduated from Paul Mitchell the school – Madison and started Lotus Salon in March of 2017. I truly enjoy spending time getting to know my clients and connecting with them to give them the best experience. My passion for doing hair lies in seeing your vision and bringing it to life all while making you feel beautiful . Some of my strengths are special occasion makeup, short hair cuts, taming or smoothing curly hair. I look forward to meeting you and creating a beautiful look you can wear everyday! Level 2 Strengths: Short women’s cuts, razor cutting and special occasion makeup Hours: M, W 8-2 T, Th 2-9 Every other Friday 8-5 Every other Sat 8-4 Favorite Movie- Divergent Favorite Song- The Point of it All by Anthony Hamilton Email: 

Annika Stoughton Location 

I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Madison and started at Lotus Salon in March of 2017. I love getting to work with all different kinds of hair textures and colors. I believe continuing education is key in a career that is always changing. I love learning new tips and tricks to the salon world and being able to utilize them on a daily basis. I enjoy doing all the different services we have to offer here at Lotus. Level 3 Hours: M, W 2-9 T, Th 8-2 Every other Friday 8-5 Every other Sat 8-4 Email: 

Mandy Sun Prairie Owner

I have been with Lotus Salon since January 2011. I specialize in all the services that Lotus has to offer. I absolutely love what I do. My number one goal is to make every client that sits in my chair feel confident and satisfied with their service. I am always looking for new techniques to keep up with latest trends, so I continue to give each of my clients the best experience they deserve. Level 5 Hours: T & Th 8-9 F 8-5 Sat. 8-4 Favorite Movie-Twilight Series Favorite Song- It will rain (Bruno Mars) Email:

Dani Sun Prairie Location

Hi, I’m Dani. I’m from Madison, Wisconsin. I attended Madison College to study Cosmetology. I’m just a quirky lady who has a passion for beauty and hair. I love to keep up with the latest trends. Continuing education is very important to me and helps to keep me inspired. I love to give my clients a unique style that best fits their personality and face shape. Level 2 Hours: M, T, W 2-9 Th 8-5 Sat 8-4 Favorite Movie: Public Enemies Favorite Song: Robbers-The 1975 Email:  

Natalie Sun Prairie location 

Hello my name is Natalie, and I am from Portage, Wisconsin. I am a lover for all music and most movies except horror! Some of my favorite hobbies is to sing and anything that has to do with soccer. I am a strong believer in do what you love because you will then forever live a happy life because that is what life is. Nothing makes me more happy than sharing the service of beauty to others! I specialize in all services and love providing an unforgettable experience. Level 3 Hours: T, W, Th 2-9 F 8-5 Sat 8-4 Email: 

Hannah Sun Prairie location 

I believe in creating bonds and taking time to listen to my guests so they leave feeling confident, happy, and beautiful. I love to gain as much knowledge as possible through continuing education to provide guests with the best experience. My attention to detail and eye for color will keep you coming back for more. Level 2 Hours: M 8-5 T-Th 2- 9 Sat 8- 4 Email: Favorite song: Satellite by Guster Favorite movie: Step Brother’s

Meghan Stoughton Location

Hi my name is Meghan and I am from Edgerton, WI. I have been part of the Lotus family for about a year. My passion for cosmetology came from my mom, who has been making people beautiful for over 30 years! Working with color is my passion, but enjoy and have fun with every service I do. You will walk out loving your new you! Level 2 Hours: T-Th 2-9 F 8-5 Sat 8-4 Email: Favorite song: Speechless- Dan and Shay Lover of all movies, especially horror!